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Welcome To Pretti Soon Wellness

Pretti Soon Wellness provides quality services that include Nutritional IV Hydration and Wellness IM injections. Our variety of Intravenous (IV) Drips infuses essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the body for maximum absorption and provides you with immediate benefits. A direct infusion allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system and within minutes you will experience the benefits. 


Our Wellness “IM” Injections provide your body with the next best route of absorption. Vital nutrients are administered intramuscularly and distributed throughout your body.  

What is IV Hydration?

Intravenous (IV) Hydration is the process of delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids directly into the bloodstream through the IV route bypassing the digestive tract. This allows a higher percentage of nutrients to be absorbed immediately for the benefit of the individual. Especially great for those who are dehydrated, or in need of additional supplements.


We help our clients reach their full potential through individualized care and support that will improve their overall wellbeing and enriching their knowledge of self-care.


Our Aim is to Assist Our Clients in Being the Best Healthy Version of Themselves.

Meet Your Team

Your Infusion & Wellness Nurses

Nurse Dorothy BSN, RN

​With over two decades of dedicated service in healthcare, Dorothy has advanced her skills and credentials. She has gained much experience and knowledge in the nursing field.  Dorothy understands that certain demographics continue to face health disparities in healthcare and aims to tackle this issue by promoting nursing care and wellness to foster a healthier and a more equitable community.

Nurse Joann, MSN-ED, RN

Nurse Joann is a Registered Nurse with a decade of experience in healthcare. She is continuously expanding her knowledge in health and wellness and has a growing background in the nursing field.  Using her nursing background has equipped her to provide health and wellness education to the community.

Your Medical Director
Dr. Carine Porfiri, M.D.

Dr. Porfiri, a seasoned medical professional, serves as Medical Director. She obtained her medical education from the renowned University of Miami's, School of Medicine. With multifaceted expertise spanning from family medicine and urgent care, Dr.Porfiri has dedicated her career to comprehensive healthcare.  

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